Saturday, September 25, 2010


To be blessed with someone who flights in crowded vein,

Of all which my own being has suspended its belief,

Your beauty exudes all superficialities

Lingering through time and space.

Though the world clamored for distance,

The burning love we have will always be,

Seizing each other’s arms

In the zenith blue sky and reaching.

The clouds may be in winter dark,

Though the beads of the sun turn each into ashes,

the love which splendors of reach

will be entrusting these into its hands of twin.

Light up! O, hail of Venus!

I cry that you bles us with fortitude.

The Gods in Olympus would cross thy path,

But ne’er the songs be bewildered into each arms.

All those who in time may come,

Destroy thy path of lingering time,

May be in solitude calm, for this

And this is true and all for the truth of Love.


As I look back in the past,
Memories are just what I’ve had.
All the laughter, joy and happiness-
Turned into tears, sadness and loneliness.

‘Coz I know as you let me go,
And as I let you go-
Our hearts really know,
We really love each other so.

But our love can’t stay longer,
‘Though we want to last forever;
Our differences created a gap-
That divides our world apart.

I’ve missed the way you care,
When you said you’re always there.
I long to hear the words “I love you”-
And all the promises of you.

But that’s the only way it must be…
Someday, we will be happy.
Time will come God will let us know…
Why we have to let each other go.